jois foundation yoga class in public school draws protest

Hello everyone, this article was in today’s New York Times. Seems yoga classes in Encinitas have drawn protests from some. Perhaps we should show our support to the school superintendent of Encinitas by sending him a letter with all our signatures? I am sure Philippe might have some interesting inputs from his own experience teaching yoga to small kids in school. Philippe, did you also face opposition from some parents and how did you/the school handle this? Bala

2 thoughts on “jois foundation yoga class in public school draws protest

  1. admin

    Hi Bala, thanks for posting.

    In my 6 years teaching yoga in Palo Alto public schools I’ve only had one parent ask me if yoga was religious. I said no and that was the end of the conversations. That parent still allowed her kid to take part.

    But my situation is different – it’s very small scale and I always had the teacher’s approval. It’s not the same as a school wide program, with no opting out options.

  2. Anne

    To my understanding the kids are free to opt out in Encinitas. I think the real issue is that regardless of what is practiced in person, or taught in the schools, if you look at Ashtanga Yoga on paper, is it indeed religious? The courts will look at this, and it will be curious to see what they decide.

    According to Russell they have a very high percentage of support in the community, and a very small vocal minority that objects to this. But support does count, and if there is interest in drafting a letter of support we can do it.

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