Friday Discussion: Eddie Stern’s One Simple Thing

Today I read a passage from Eddie’s new book, One Simple Thing, about bhavana:

In Sanskrit, mood is associated with the word bhavana. Bhavana means
feeling, mood, and emotion, but specifically it means that when you have the experience of something, and there’s an emotion or sensation associated with it, every time you repeat that activity, if you keep identifying it with the mood or emotion that was first associated with it,
whether it’s pleasant or painful, you’re going to create a particular mood.

For example, when you do your first yoga class, and you come out feeling
really, really great, that is a mood, an emotion, a sensation, a feeling that has come about as a result of doing yoga.

BTW Judy mentioned the audio version is great, with Eddie reading it himself.

New home update

With almost 2 weeks in our new space, couple of things I wanted to update you all on.

First, the HVAC. It is in progress, and I would expect new units to be installed and us being able to use those by the end of the month. As much as I wish, I can’t guarantee it. So I really appreciate your patience and understanding on this.

Second. Parking. I think everyone is getting used to our new parking available. Even though we don’t have exclusive parking lot to ourselves, there is parking and plenty on Sierra Vista and Old Middlefield if needed. I ask you to please not to park on Spectrum marked spots in the mornings. On the weekends those all are available to us, and after 5pm on weekdays. And please do not park in front T2 Muay Thai and Fit for Life Solutions at any time.

Third. As some of you might have noticed, there is a class happening in the blue small room on Tuesdays and Thursday, it starts at 9am. If you can finish by 8:30am you are welcome to use that room, otherwise, please finish your practice in the main room.

Fourth. Puja Ceremony lead by Shastri and Party afterwords are on the calendar, for Saturday June 1st. Start at 5:30pm. Please mark yours and let’s celebrate!

Sutra Discussion Sunday May 19

We’ll be meeting at 10:00 on Sunday May 19 in the “blue room” at the new studio location, 1954 Old Middlefield, CA 94043 until 11:30. Bring your translations as usual.

Please note that if you have not attended a Sutra discussion before, we will be doing a introductory workshop in June to get you up to speed. So you can skip this month’s gathering and join us in July if you want.

We plan to discuss sutra 2.45 about the last niyamaishvarapranidhana:

From an attitude of letting go into one’s source (ishvarapranidhana), the state of perfected concentration (samadhi) is attained.

Here’s a recording of our previous discussion on sutra 2.44.

Mysore practice 6:30 – 9:00am

When we move to our new location we will be changing the time of the Mysore practice. During a week the teacher will be in the room from 6:30 to 9:00am. We will make sure that you can start your practice early if you need to and that someone is there to open the door at least at 6am. The teacher will be staying until 9am. We are hoping that this change will not only allow us, teachers to maintain our own practice but also to serve you better and when you really need us. Sunday time will stay the same.

Gratitude and Good Bye

For 20 years building at 590 Castro Street was home to YiY. Some of you were from the beginning, some still remember the carpet and full wall of mirrors, some are a little newer to the space. For years those walls witnessed our everyday ups and downs, laughters and tears, sweaty practice, transformational practice, ‘I can barely move’ practice. They have seen it all. This room provided the space for our community to grow, meet new friends and share not only chai every morning. On Sunday the 28th is the last Mysore practice in the old room. Say good bye and thank our special room for its service by placing a post-it note on the wall next to the mirror. The post-it notes will be available through the whole week.

We will also plan to have as always a cup of chai on Sunday morning right after practice. And if you feel inspired and would like share some treat please bring it. You know you will make us all very happy.

See you on Sunday


Last Day

hi everyone,

the last day of the practice at Castro is this Sunday, April 28.

Couple of things to touch base as far as logistics.
If you have a key to the studio, please return it by Sunday.
If you keep your mat at the studio, please pick it up by Sunday. All mats left behind will be donated.

There will be absolutely no access to the studio after this Sunday, April 28th.

Thank you and see you at our new place on May 3rd.