Mysore in the park

Tomorrow, Wednesday 23rd we will try to have Mysore practice in the park if there is enough interest. The air quality is good, the weather forecast doesn’t show any rain so if you are interested please sign up so we know how many people are coming. If the majority still prefers Zoom I will change it back to zoom. So if you sign up for the park please check the schedule/your email/ WhatsApp group before you hit the road to make sure it is happening.

The days are getting shorter and we experience colder mornings so soon the park option won’t be possible but until then I will try to teach in person under the sky.

Moving into Fall

Holistic guide to health from the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine

I would like to invite you to a special talk with Yulia Piskulina who will be talking how to take care of ourselves while we transition into autumn, with special emphasis on lungs’ health (so needed right now). The talk will take place on Saturday September 26th, 9-11am PST over Zoom. The cost is 20$ and you will be able to register via YiY website.

Here’s more info about Yulia and the talk. There will be plenty of opportunity to ask specific questions.

I grew up in Siberia, had a degree in Public Relations, but was introduced to Chinese Medicine and alternative ways of healing by Taiwanese doctor Zen Master Cuckoo.

I discovered the healing power of acupuncture when I helped Him in his clinic in Goa and Moscow. At first I was sceptical but then blown away by how much it helped hundreds of people in front of my eyes. I immediately quit my job  and started to follow Master Cuckoo all over the world. It was one of the scariest and one of the best decisions I’ve made.

I have been a lover of Traditional Chinese Medicine since then (2008).  I’ve been studying and practicing in Taiwan, Russia, European Union, India (Goa, Mumbai). 

I am an acupuncturist and have completed training in: Traditional cupping and moxibustion, Gua sha massage, Facial acupuncture, Dr. Tan Balanced, Method Acupuncture, Auriculotherapy.

Its my passion to help people discover new ways of feeling their best. And teaching them  to self-heal. The medicine I practice is rooted in a holistic approach. I believe in providing tools for people to help themselves, because for 99% you are doctor for yourself, and 1% is your healer. I invite you to allow me to walk with you on your healing path.

The talk: Transitioning into Fall. Food and lifestyle advice from the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine

What you will take away from this meeting:
-TCM nutrition tips to help you stay healthy this fall
-Self care techniques – acupressure and breathing to strengthen the body
– How to regulate the imbalances in body systems
– How  to reduce frequent colds/flu, asthma, skin issues, digestive issues and fatigue
– How to support your lung’s health 
– Why it is normal to let things go

Tomorrow Mysore in the park

Let’s try to have a practice in the park again. The air is strange but it wasn’t too bad this morning. So tomorrow Wednesday September 9th I will see you in the park and the rest who decides to stay home can connect with us over the Zoom.

Fingers crossed!

Please help a member of our extended yoga community

Some of you may know Erika Abrahamian, a fellow yogi and a yoga teacher. Some of you maybe even took classes with her. For a while she was leading ashtanga program at Breathe Yoga in Los Gatos. Until a few days ago she was living in Santa Cruz Mountains. But the recent fires burnt her house to ashes. Please consider donating and helping her rebuild her life.

Thank you!



No Mysore in the park

Because the air condition is very unpredictable at this moment and changes constantly I am canceling Mysore in the park for the time being. As soon as the fires calm down and the air quality gets better we will resume the outdoor practice. Until then I will see you on Zoom Monday to Thursday 6:30-8am. On both Monday and Wednesday I will be observing and giving you some suggestions 7-8am. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the fires get contained soon.

Stay safe and healthy and if you need any help in those difficult times please reach out to our amazing community.