Friday Discussion: “The Body Keeps the Score”

I think you will find this podcast interesting (hat tip Karen L):

Money quote:

“The core argument of the book is that traumatic experiences — everything from sexual assault and incest to emotional and physical abuse — become embedded in the older, more primal parts of our brain that don’t have access to conscious awareness. And that means two things simultaneously. First, that trauma lodges in the body. We carry a physical imprint of our psychic wounds. The body keeps the score. But — and I found this more revelatory — the mind hides the score. It obscures the memories, or convinces us our victimization was our fault, or covers the event in shame so we don’t discuss it.”

Dainuri’s Remembrance and Celebration of Life

DAINURI PAUL ROTT November 1, 1948 – September 1, 2021

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A Gathering of Remembrance and Celebration of Life Saturday, September 11, 2021
7 am Pacific Time

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Friday Discussion: Post Lineage Yoga

Interesting podcast with Theo Wildcroft:

Which addresses the following issues:

  • A definition of post lineage yoga
  • How post-lineage yoga works
  • What a crisis of authority in our yoga communities looks like
  • Three pillars of authority
  • Moving away from standardization in yoga
  • The question of accountability
  • The importance of maintaining connections outside of the yoga community
  • Mistaking lineage for heritage
  • Cultural appropriation and post-lineage yoga
  • Why separating the teacher from the teachings might not make sense
  • Recognizing the potential for healing and harm in our teaching and practice

Friday Discussion: Vaccines and Ahimsa

An article was published in the Yoga Journal last month (July 2021) entitled:

Getting Vaxxed Was My Act of Ahimsa

Protecting myself against COVID-19 was my way of showing love for the people in my community.

It is worth a read as an example of a practical application of yoga philosophy. Also it created quite a stir, as it seems that there is a strong anti-vaxx contigent amongst the yoga community.

Here is a follow up podcast interviewing the author, Wolf Terry

Also here is Matthew Remski’s analysis of the backlash