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Hi All,

If you are planning on signing up for Nancy Gilgoff’s Second Series Practitioner Intensive at YIY in March, I have officially confirmed that she will be with us from March 8th-11th, 2013. ¬†Registration will be up next year, but for now I wanted to give people word for planning purposes.



3 thoughts on “Save the dates

  1. Mara

    Will it be possible to register online for Nancy’s Intensive? And how far in the series should one be?
    Thank you,

  2. Anne Post author

    We are finalizing it now. Email me at annefinstad at gmail dot com and I’ll put you on a list to receive an email when it goes live.

    I can say it will run between Friday March 8th about 130 pm to Monday 500 pm, and Nancy asks people to be familiar with at least the first part of second series.


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