what’s in store Friday evening

Many of you have asked if you can bring anything to the party Friday evening.  I have said no, you do not have to bring anything because the event is being catered.  I thought I would expand on this.  We are doing what is popularly referred to as a “dosa party”. An Indian restaurant from Milpitas, Tirupati Bhimas, is catering this event.  There will be a guy here making dosas (  Since the batter is the same, he will offer a choice of 4-5 dosas and 4-5 utappams.  One can have as many as one wants and I am hopeful that people will get to taste more than one kind of dosa/utappam.  Besides this, there should be one appetizer, two rice dishes and a desert.  Ken & Elaine are bringing Chai and we will have beer and wine for those that need something stronger!

Due to the number of people, this will be an indoor/outdoor event.  Based on my experience this evening, it gets a little chilly around 7.15pm.  So, please bring a jacket/sweater or be prepared to move indoors when it gets cooler.

Please stay as long as you want.  The dosa preparer will disappear at 8pm but otherwise there is no reason to leave!  We want this to be fun for you.

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