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Perhaps it is the success of Slumdog Millionaire.  Perhaps it is the increased interest in all things Indian.  Anyway, some folks have asked me about Bollywood movies.  I put together a list and thought some of you might find it interesting as well.  I am not an expert and have not seen many of the new movies.  So, perhaps there are recommendations you wish to add to this list?  The comments are cryptic but if you start watching Bollywood movies, the comments will reveal themselves to you!…………….  The library has some of these movies, netflix for sure and most indian grocery stores that rent movies should have them as well.


1) Bombay – Hindi or Tamil.  Good movie, good songs, directed by Mani Ratnam who is very famous in that all his movies are hits
2) Dil-se: another Shah Rukh Khan movie.  Good music by A.R. Rahman, the guy who provided music for slum dog millionaire.  He is very good and most of his music is popular even if the movie is not.
3) Koi Mil Gaya: an indian take on ET!  Has Hritik Roshan, the buff guy who also can act and dance
4) Dil Chahata Hai: Very good movie.  One of the first that raised the bar.  Aamir Khan is very good.
5) Veer Zaara:  tear jerker.  Alice loved this movie. Shah Rukh Khan and Priety Zinta.
6) Deepa Mehta’s three movies are all good – Earth (probably the best), Fire and Water
7) Guru:  A Mani Ratnam Movie; loosely based on Dhirubhai ambani’s life; pretty good movie
8) Paheli: a fable set in Rajasthan, nice costumes, good story, fun movie
9) Dhoom I and Dhoom II: Hritik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai; as good as Indian action movies get
10) Lagaan: good movie, great music, good technical quality
11) jodhaa Akbar: Hritik Roshan, Aishwarya, good acting by both, pretty movie, good story
12) Swades: same guy that made lagaan, high technical quality, decent movie
13) Parineeta: remake of an old movie; Saif Ali Khan, Vidya Balan; good casting, nice story
14) Taare Zamin Par: Aamir Khan, story about a kid with dyslexia, did well in India
15) Munnabhai MBBS, part I and II: light movies, entertaining, the second one became famous because the character channels what Gandhi would have done under similar circs
16) Bend it like Beckham
17) Monsoon Wedding
18) Mangal Pandey: historical fiction (?); aamir khan, not great but worth seeing
19) Devdas: remake of movie, two beautiful actresses
20) khosla ka ghosla: very funny movie, very delhi/north india – anupam kher

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