Bollywood movie recommendations

Bollywood movies are now being screened on AMC screens!  AMC Mercado, opposite Great America in Santa Clara, is currently screening three Bollywood movies.  I have seen two of these and both are very good and I thought I would share this information with you all.  The first is called “3 Idiots”.  It released around Christmas but is still going strong.  This movie is very good and has earned the most of any Indian movie.  It stars one of India’s leading actors, Aamir Khan and a popular actress, Kareena Kapoor.  It is a fun movie with a strong message.  The second movie is called “My Name is Khan” and released just this past week.  It stars another of India’s leading actors, Shah Rukh Khan. The lead female role is played by Kajol who is also a very popular actress.  This movie is set in the US and the Bay Area figures in it even.  Both movies are in Hindi with English sub titles.  They have singing and dancing but more muted than other such films.  Both movies run around 2.5 hours and unlike India, there is no intermission here.  I am sure those of you that go to see either or both these movies will enjoy them.

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