Zen Mind Beginners Mind discussion

A few of you have expressed interest in this event about the Zen book Zen Mind Beginners Mind, so here are the details (sitting is at 7:10pm, followed by discussion):

So beginning October 8, and on the second Wednesday night of the following months,  Kannon Do will begin a year-long exploration of Zen Mind, Beginners Mind.
These monthly discussions will be in place of the usual Wednesday lectures […].
For our first session on October 8,  the reading will be the Preface, Introduction, and Prologue, pages 9 – 22 of the paper back version.
Discussion questions for that evening will be:
9        “Dying is not a problem”   Why would he say that?
          Why do we come to Zen (i.e., to spiritual practice) ?
21    (1)    Explain “original mind” (Contrasted with “small mind”, ego)
        (2)     What does it mean to have “ready mind”  in daily life?
22   (1)   What does Suzuki-roshi  mean  “If we lose our original self sufficient mind we will lose all precepts.”  ?
       (2)   Explain “The beginner’s mind is the mind of compassion.  When our mind is compassionate, it is boundless.”

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