Zach and Coreen are coming back!

…and they will need a temporary place to stay.  Anyone?

Here is more from Zach:

Well, we couldn’t stay away.  Tried to move to the east coast but that didn’t work either.  We’re headed back to the bay area, leaving tomorrow.  My company has an office on Castro street which could not be any more perfect.  After being stuck without a place of our own, we’re anxious to get back to YiY and start a regular practice again.

In any case, if you or anyone in the studio knows of a place that that needs house-sitting or anything near Mt. View which is available for a temporary rental, we’d jump up and down for joy, we are anxious to buy and don’t want to be stuck in a long term lease.  We do have a new addition to our clan, our little Pug who is no longer a puppy but still acts like one, but he’s housebroken and very well behaved.

We’re driving so it will take us about a week to get there, but will see you and the rest of the YiY community soon!  It was so nice to have a place that became like an extended family to us and it’s one of the things we missed most when we left.

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