Yoga Sutras

Who is interested in participating in an ongoing Sutras discusion?
The current idea is to meet at YiY during the Mysore class on moon days. Although we may not start until November we are getting the feelers out.

7 thoughts on “Yoga Sutras

  1. wiseorchid

    i’d be interested if it were just an evening tea at a cafe/home or something like that. i know i’ll either book work or want to sleep in the mornings we have off and the idea of trekking to YiY to discuss sutras in the studio doesn’t draw me as much. tho if i’m outnumbered i’d probably show up…

  2. Philippe

    If we decide on a format, maybe we should open it up to the wider YIY community and announce it formally. I am sure many non Mysore Asthangis would be interested.

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