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Dear Yoga friends,

I have been writing a lot of articles on various aspects of yoga and linking it directly to the scriptures and ancient yogic texts. Many of you have told me that the references to the scriptures are very useful and has helped you understand the subtle aspects of yoga. Moving forward, I will consolidate the articles on the website I created, a year and a half ago, for this purpose, and use this facebook account to announce workshops and articles. You are welcome to connect with this account on facebook.

The yogic texts we know of today are a miniscule fraction of what was available many hundreds of years ago. They were destroyed by invasions and also by insects :). Many yogis gave up their lives trying to preserve them. Some Yogis fled to Tibet, to escape the invaders where the texts and the techniques were preserved in monasteries in the Tibetan language. Others fled to Southern India which was spared a little more from the invasions than was Northern India.

While invasions aren’t a major cause for concern, and certainly not insects, for preserving these ancient yogic techniques these days (though invasions are a concern for the world at large), it is dilution and misinterpretation by some teachers, from a sense of ego, that pose problems. My goal is for the website I maintain, to be a place where people can search and get authentic links to the scriptural interpretations as they had been interpreted for thousands of years.

If you would like me to email you whenever I hold a class (which is not often), you can send me your email address and I will include you in the mailing list.



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