Yoga Room in SFO

(from Anne Bain)

In a quintessentially Californian move that could provoke a groan from some in the red states — officials inaugurated a public yoga studio Thursday for passengers at San Francisco International Airport, possibly the world’s first inside an airport.

After the official opening for the 150-square foot former storage closet Airport Director John Martin, a yogi of 18 years who performed a sun salutation pose to mark the occasion, had a word for those who’s eyes roll at the concept.

“Maybe this is exactly the place they need to de-stress,” said Martin, standing a few feet from the dimly lit, silent, blue room.

The Yoga Room, as it’s called, is located beyond the security check point in Terminal 2, and so is only open to flyers. There’s no teacher or TV inside, just a few chairs and some yoga mats. It cost between $15-20,000 to build and was born of the idea from a visitor to the terminal, said Martin. As the rules, which prohibit shoes and turned-on electronic devices, show it’s a rather self-service operation.

“Silence is appreciated,” the rules remind.

The room’s already been open for two weeks and at least six people made use of it during the roughly 45 minutes reporters were on the scene Thursday morning. Andrea Chenu from Redwood City popped in for a few poses before her flight to Florida.


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  1. Nami

    this would have been perfect when we were bumped from a flight last summer on the way to Boston. Good job SFO!

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