Yoga music compilation.

Hi everyone,

I did not take a scientific poll but my sense was that the response to having music played occasionally during morning mysore was approaching universally positive and I would be interested in putting together our own CD mix that we might play every so often.

So I am soliciting your ideas for one or several yoga-appropriate songs that might go into such a mix. Anything that you think others might enjoy. A good beat or positive message helps. You could add a comment to this blog with the name of the artist and song and I could track some of them down or alternatively email me at It would be even better if you owned the CD and could lend it to me for a day or two. My own choices are coming from Bruce Cockburn and Dar Williams. That’s where my musical tastes lie. I did like the idea of the first and last song being something of a chant or devotional and have asked Connie for some help there. Other than that I am wide open to suggestions to a group effort.

We’ll pass a copy on to David if we like the results.


6 thoughts on “Yoga music compilation.

  1. Dipita

    Hi Paul,
    I think that’s a great idea. I certainly enjoyed having music in class once in a while and really felt it relaxed me more than usual. I like Craig Pruess’ album “sacred chants of Shiva” – I’m planning on getting a copy so I can give it to you once i get it. We also have Krishna Das that you could borrow if you’d like. In general, I like most music – I have some nice Indian Insturmentals as well in case people like that. Let me know and I’ll bring them in.

  2. ruth

    great idea paul

    I don’t have that much music with me, but I’ll see if i have anything suitable


  3. Karen K.

    Hi Paul,
    I enjoyed the class when David played Moby’s disc “Play” from start to finish. At first I was skeptical that I was going to like practicing to it but some of the songs were really energizing and by the end I thought it was a good choice. Anyway, I have that CD if you want to borrow it.

  4. Lori

    Hi all,

    Just wanted to let you know that I think music while practicing is great. Joey and Laurel at Triyoga here in London play music on Fridays. As I overheard Joey say to someone, everyone is pretty tired on Fridays (including, I’m guessing, the teachers), so music on Fridays is particularly welcome. (Note: at least for myself, “going inward” and having a deep practice is definitely mitigated, however.) In fact, during a period which there was no Friday music, students began to request that it be played.

    Tracks that have been played are comprised of mainly mellow chanting (i.e., the amazing voice of Jayashree from Mysore) or soothing tunes. However, I believe it was a Beatles tune that was being played one day that that got us all jazzed. Out of the blue, one practitioner spontanteously even started singing to it! It was absolutely hilarious – and very refreshing.

    I think the key to Mysore music is variety. As I understand the reason there was a pause in the Friday music here was that one teacher got sick of the same music being played over and over.

    I just offer the above as a reference but by no means a recommendation. Every studio is different, and that needs to be honored.

    Take care. When are you coming to London? 🙂


  5. philippe

    I really enjoyed Moby too, and I think some choice cuts from his album “18” may work. Specifically:

    “We are all made of stars”
    “Great Escape”
    “Extreme Ways”

    I think the Beatles is an intriguing idea – the question is early, energitic period or more complex and experimental songs?

    [Hi lori! nice to hear from you]

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