Yoga Exhibit at the Asian Art Museum

I am editing this to reflect, the Asian Art museum is closed on Mondays so we won’t be able to go up then. I am curious if people would like to possibly carpool / go on the 2nd of March, next Sunday after Mysore class? I would like to go up on different days, so this could be one of at least two trips in case some can’t make it this day.

We could also plan a trip up on a Friday, after Led Primary, as well. Hopefully we will be able to go up either the 7th or the 14th so people who were able to could go up during the week. I hope you all get to at some point see the exhibit.



4 thoughts on “Yoga Exhibit at the Asian Art Museum

  1. Danielle

    I’m heading up this Friday, 2/28 to check out the exhibition with a friend. We’ll be there in the afternoon (2pm onwards). If anyone wants to come along please let me know (Facebook preferred).

  2. Cheri

    Yes, I would like to go up on March 2nd and I am available that morning and day. Namaste. Funny, I was just up in SF two days ago and noticed the signs for the exhibit and was thinking to ask if anyone wanted to go with me. Then today in Mojdeh’s lunchtime class I asked for a sign that I am on the right path. One thing different (related to my path tho) led me to see this post on YisY website and so yes. And Yes, my path is the right one. Namaha to that.

  3. Anne Bain

    Yes, this Sunday after Mysore class would be great. Were you able to find a docent for a private tour?

  4. Anne

    Anne we researched things and not only is it crowded, it’s set to be super crowded this Sunday because they are running a special. I have cancelled this trip in the interest of booking a tour in a couple of weeks. Is there any possibility you could go during the week?

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