Yoga Content: Tim Feldman

When I first heard about Tim Feldman coming to our studio, I went through some articles and interviews of him. And I really liked what he has to say about the practice. Among others, this interview: where his interpretation of Guruji’s famous moola bandha related quote “Squeeze your anus” caught my attention.

” I feel, comical as it is—and it’s even more funny with a little bit of South Indian accent to it—I feel that the practicality of that and the infinite knowledge that is in that sentence is very useful for me. So many lessons in there is about doing what it takes, when it takes. When it’s necessary. It’s about moving beyond what I like to do in any moment, kind of doing my duty. Right living, right livelihood. It’s about that, about dharma. It’s about going to the seed of the seed, going to the root of the root, and to allow the knowledge of that to sprout over a long time. That is quite amazing for me. I find that in that sentence, and I feel it’s the basing of my practice, and the basing of my teaching, without doubt. I wish I could’ve said something like, “God is great!” But this is my mantra: “You take it your yanus.”
I’m not quite sure Guruji had such an interpretation in mind, but that’s also why I thought it was interesting. How we make sense of the practice for ourselves. How, in the process of trying to apply the teachings to our own practice, we discover something useful and meaningful to us, that carries us and makes us move a little further on the yoga path.
In the same article, his take on parampara is worth a read too.

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