Yoga Content: Pushpam Magazine, Issue 1

Check out the Pushpam magazine from the UK that Anne F arranged to bring here. Thank you!

One of my favorites articles from the first issue is Lost and Found: Reclaiming the Magical World of Ashtanga  by Esther Geis. It contains one of the best descriptions of an Ashtanga Mysore-style class I have come across.




Also in the magazine there is a conversation between Tim Miller and the publisher Hamish Hendry. Here is the money quote talking about Pattabhi Jois:

HH – I loved the way he would shout at you, saying you could do it. And then all of a sudden you realize, my God, I really can do it.

TM – He would give an instruction and if it wasn’t followed, he’d repeat it at twice the volume.

HH – He’d get amazing results that way.

TM – Yes, he had a knack for insulting people in such a way that inspired them.


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