YiY Mysore Video Project

We thought it would be interesting to shoot a few short videos of what goes on in Mysore-style classes and publish them on the web, especially for prospective students who are curious about this form of self-practice.

A few years back we had a very successful Mysore photo shoot project led by talented Antonia, Dave and Mojdeh:

This is the Mysore Video Project.

Here’s what we want to do:

  • Take 4-5 short (a few minutes at most) videos of Mysore class from different angles (a tripod would help)
  • The quality does not need to be that high, a photo camera with video capability can do.
  • The best time would probably be Sunday, with the most students in the best light.
  • Choose the best segments and edit them if appopriate.
  • Upload them on YouTube and embed them in the website (I can do those steps).
So any budding Scorseses out there who would be interested in taking this on?

5 thoughts on “YiY Mysore Video Project

  1. SSR

    Hey Phillipe! What a cool idea!! I’d be up for helping out, but I’ll be gone 8/31 – 9/16. Happy to participate after that. I’ve got two different camera options. Let’s chat after class tomorrow!

  2. Anne Bain

    Hi Philippe- Is this a “paying gig”? My girlfriend is a documentary film maker and she does various projects for local charities and organizations. I know she doesn’t charge much, but she’s too busy right now to do anything pro bono. She has all the camera equipment, and she works at Apple for imovie, so she has all the editing software, too.

  3. Daniel

    Hi Philippe,

    I am interested to execute some of these videos, for the fun of it! I am taking classes at the Film-TV department at De Anza, and it could be a good practice for me. Here is a link to some videos I’ve made.

    If this looks good to you, please contact me to coordinate.

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