YiY 7th bday dress up & Fri nights

hi all,

just wanted to note that YiY’s 7th bday party 10/28 6.30pm is costume-friendly! (grin) i just noticed this on the white board the other day. so, i hope a bunch of us come out in full regalia. i’m thinking to come as an asana. you’ll have to come to see if/how that turns out.

(a few years ago a bunch of us were joking that tittibhasana B looked like “roadkill asana” & i ended up being “roadkill asana” for halloween, though perhaps noone besides those i explained it to could really tell ‘cuz i just looked like a bunny that got run over ;0) )

also: i know most of us have our ashtanga practice so the new fri. nite freeform class scott and i will be facilitating (7.15 beginning this friday) mayn’t be the 1st thing that jumps to mind to do on a friday night. but i wanted to throw it out there that should you feel like coming and even just moving softly or being still through most of it, you are most welcome. also, we’ll be going out to a restaurant or cafe post-class most fridays so if you ever just want to join for that, come meet us at YiY after class at 8.45pm.


smallest roadkill

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