Workshop with David Garrigues 6/24 – 6/26

Hey folks,

There’s been a little musical chairs going on behind the scenes with workshops due to the Beata’s new arrival coming.  I am happy to announce that David Garrigues will be with us near the end of June for  a weekend workshop. If you can’t click on it here go to the yiy website and its on the front page.

I found meeting and practicing with David Garrigues to be one of the nicest things that happened for me in Portland. He’s a real treat and balances authentic practice with doing what is appropriate to our own individual situation. And he’s a talented musician to boot. Highlights from the weekend will include an adjustment clinic Fri afternoon, a potluck Sat night, Pranayama, Led Second Series, and a Kirtan early Sunday evening.

There is an interview with David in the works for those of you who don’t know him well to get to know him a little more, look for that as we head into June, and if you have any questions feel free to ask me. Also if you are able to contribute anything towards scholarship there are students I know who won’t have the means to attend and would like to go.

Thanks and more announcements coming soon,


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