Workshop tomorrow/Moon Day on Tuesday 2/7

Hi there,

First off, its been so long since we’ve had a moon day off I’ve almost forgotten to announce it. Moon day is Tuesday, February the 7th, there will be no class. Do enjoy the day of rest.

The next announcement is regarding the workshop tomorrow, February 4th from 200 to 430 pm, which is billed as a workshop to introduce people to Mysore style practice. Please know I am designing this workshop to introduce people to the practice and to share some thoughts with each other on the intention of practicing mysore style.

Many of us practice a great deal, and I think its a good thing once in a while to stop and think about what we are doing and why. I would like for the workshop tomorrow to be that sort of opportunity. If you are signed up for the monthly there is a suggested donation of $10 so please don’t let the cost stop you from coming.

Its a chance to stop and think about the intentions of our practice. Additionally we will spend the last hour going over alignment in the sun salutations, which we can’t always address fully in a full mysore or led class. So all around this should provide some good tools to deepen the practice you have or would like to have. Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

Regards and see you soon,


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