Hi guys,

What a busy month. 🙂

In this moment of transition I would like to point out a couple of things:

1. Some comments overheard have made me want to point out this post I wrote over the summer. If the different things you have heard from David are giving you any trouble this might help. I personally feel that every thing a senior teacher brings into my practice takes time to digest and translate it into my own body. And not everthing will translate. To me it can and should be a process, and if you have questions I am here to help. I know most of you are pretty happy with the last month, I know I was, but there is always more to learn and digest.

2. We have some new chai wallahs that have volunteered, so Elaine and Ken and I are planning a chai class tomorrow (Monday November the 14th) at 200 pm at their house. 757 Greer in Paly. Email me annefinstad at gmail dot com if you are planning to come so we know.

3. Only update on Beata is that baby was 3.5 kilos. Again all will be revealed.

Regards and see you all soon,


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