What we know at this point…

While there are still some variables up in the air for the next few months, I can announce what is definite for everyone’s planning purposes.

Most of you know Sharath will be at Stanford Sunday, May 22nd, to Friday, May 27th. You can still register for that workshop here. You can also talk to me if you have questions about the workshop. During that week, Dave Hamilton will teach Sunday, Tue and Thur, and there will be self practice Monday and Wednesday. There will be no led primary series on Friday, May 27th. While we know that not all of you will be able to attend the workshop, we appreciate your understanding, as is particularly difficult to find mysore teachers willing to teach while he is here.

Kirsten and Mitchell will be back to teach Sunday to Thursday Mysore June 26th to July 28th, for the majority of the time I am in India. The other gaps will be covered by Dave, Meghan, Erez, and Philippe, and possible Beata and Anne N, as everyone’s schedules allow.

Stay tuned for further details…..we will make them know as we know them…


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  1. Claire

    I wanted to ask, is anyone attending the 6:30am Primary Series workshops in Stanford & interested in carpooling? I’m signed up for all 6 days.

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