Water Main – If you didn’t read the note in class…

Some of you who were around would remember there was a day in the last couple of weeks when due to some sort of pipe problem there was no water for the bathrooms.

It has come to our attention that in fact there was a break in the water main, this is connected with the large hole in the sidewalk that can be seen behind the studio.

It is the Bank’s intention to have the problem rectified this Saturday afternoon/ Sunday morning, October 21st, and their work will overlap with our mysore class time.  The implication is this will be a rather loud process, including but not limited to the use of jackhammers, repeated lack of water int the bathrooms, etc. Lucky us.

We could have cancelled class, but the crew and I have decided based upon response this morning that we should proceed with having class.

I know we have gone through quite a few situations over the years, small floods, small roof fires, subsequent roof repair, construction noise, lack of water, and lack of heat. Thankfully these situations are the exception rather than the rule. And in a certain light they give us a chance to practice steadiness and prepare for the time we might ever get to Mysore.

We can perhaps Sunday prove what is possible with a focused yoga practice. Either that or practice having a sense of humor. As some have said, you can also bring earplugs.


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