Want to watch DVD of Guruji leading 3rd series?

I recently got a DVD of Guruji counting off the 3rd series and part of the 4th to a group of his students in Encinitas pay for homework back in 1989. The people Guruji instructs include Richard Freeman, Chuck Miller, Tim Miller and Marty Ezraty and it is amazing to watch them moving in unison through this intense, acrobatic, series under Jois’ guidance. It is really impressive, or, as the old sanskrit idiom puts it “quite badass” (admitedly a loose translation). Amazon link here.

If anyone wants to borrow this feel free to ping me by email or after class (I think Jen is first in line to check it out).

Another option is to set up a group viewing of the DVD after YiY Mysore practice on Sunday the 23rd (i.e. a week and half from now).

My apartment unfortunately wouldnt work for this so if someone is willing to volunteer their place we can make it happen… Let me know if there is interest in doing this / an available locale.

Either way, it is pretty amazing to see this practice!

One thought on “Want to watch DVD of Guruji leading 3rd series?

  1. wiseorchid

    i would love to see this DVD in a group and would be glad to offer my space after practice on 4/23 if folks are willing/able to drive/carpool 25 min’s north of YiY to belmont. best, antonia

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