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Hi all,

So if you read my blog from India this year you probably heard about Robin. Robin Saidman is a photojournalist who in his spare time does fundraising for needy causes.

You can see to see some of his pictures from after the earthquake in Pakistan, and of the schools he’s done fundraising for in Mysore. Robin incidentally also practices yoga with Saraswati.

So also at that website is a report on a current project, Sneha Kiran:

a fundraiser to raise money for a School for children with Cerebral Palsy. He has studios in Sweden and Canada joining in, and currently he is looking for one more studio to take part. What this would need is one person from YIY who wanted to make this happen, Robin is happy to provide posters, a slide show, and advise.

If you have time to read over the above report at his website, and feel like this would be a good thing to have happen at YIY, Robin’s contact info is available at the website, and I know he would be happy to hear from you. I would do it if I were there. Now we are just looking to see if there is anyone else who feels moved by the cause. This is the sort of thing that Robin says, at the least, we can raise the $127 that it takes to pay the occupational teacher’s salary for one month. Its a hopeful thing for sure.

All to best to all of you,


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