Visiting Teachers/ Moon day this Friday

First we are very happy to have Beata back with us this week. She will teach her normal schedule this week.

For the following two weeks (starting Sunday July 17th) we will have visiting guests teachers Kirsten Berg and Mitchell Gould with us. For anyone that is new they are authorized teachers that lead a slightly nomadic existence, teaching in Bali, Thailand, and the west each year. Mitchell is also a highly trained rolfer and will schedule sessions for those interested, email him on “S. Mitchell Gold” <smitchellgold at>. Please note there is no additional charge for the normal mysore classes they will teach while they are here.

And thank you for the offers, their housing has been covered, as well as their car for the first five weeks of the three months they will be here.
The next moon day is this Friday, July 15th. Have a good rest.

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