Video Recording: “Yoga Philosophies from Ancient India-1”

Thanks to everyone who attended today for your enthusiasm. I have recorded the meeting here for those who could not attend and are interested in this topic. The slides are here. We will have a part-2 soon either this Sunday at 10AM or the next Sunday. I will keep you posted. In part-2 we will cover:

  1. States of the mind towards Samadhi: Since this is a subtle topic we will draw on from similes, analogies and stories told by the Buddha and other great teachers.
  2. Briefly touch on the Superpowers enumerated by Patanjali
  3. Definitions of Yoga from the Bhagavad Gita and the concept of “flow”
  4. Freedom as defined by Patanjali.

Please feel free to give me feedback on what you would/would not like. My email is:

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