Very Sad News

I am very sad to say that Sherry and Matt’s youngest son Timmy passed away Sunday after a bad fall from his skateboard.

Here are more details from the Palo Alto Weekly.

To express our condolences we will be doing a few things Thursday April 29 and will likely do more over the coming days.

1. They have asked us to light candles. For the sake of safety if you want to light a candle for them during practice in the morning please bring a candle holder capable of holding a tea light. We will have tea lights, and some holders but it would be nice to have enough to go around as needed.

2. There will be a chance to write the family a note and leave it in an offering bowl. Notes will be included in a card for them.

3. Those who want to participate in a collection to send flowers to Sherry and Matt can contribute tomorrow or Thursday or email me and let me know. I would imagine somewhere between 2 and 5 dollars would be more than sufficient.

4. We’ll let you know as we know more what will happen Thursday, etc.


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