Updates for this week 4/2/12

Hi all,

As usual there is a lot happening this week and in the coming weeks.

For now, the most important:

This coming Friday, April 6th, is a moon day. There is no morning mysore class that day.

We will have led primary series on Thursday. Since a crew of you are going to Encinitas with me later on this month, I’d like to take this opportunity to give you all a “getting ready” class. We will start a little early, at 6:30, and will finish between 800 and 830. It will be sweaty I promise. And feel free if you are nursing an injury of any sort to skip this class and do mysore style instead. Unless you have an injury or board meeting I hope to see you join this class.

Then on Saturday, the 7th, we will hold our third Intro to Mysore style workshop. As before I’d like to invite anyone who has been doing mysore practice, who’s new or who has practiced longer to attend. If you have been practicing more than six months you are welcome to audit the class for a suggested donation of $10. Don’t let money hold you back from coming I’d just like to see people there. It’s a great way to reflect a little on what we do and share it with each other and those new to the practice.

And lastly, Philippe should be back stateside as of Thursday I believe, and should have some great new tales to tell from Mysore.

Take care and see you all soon on the mat,


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