Update on Peter Sanson in Berkeley 10/5-10/16

Hey there,

I just wanted to say first that housing is covered for the yogis visiting to attend this workshop, thank you to the multiple hosts who volunteered.

I just talked to Vance in Berkeley over email, and there are still spaces in Peter’s workshop that starts on October 5th and continues Monday to Friday through the 16th. It is over half full and we expect it to fill so if you plan to sign up I would do so, or at least check with Vance if you want to drop in.

Here is a link to the info.

They are open to drop in but would prefer if people could make the effort to attend multiple days. The start times are 6:30 and 7:30 am. Fliers are at YIY, or you can email Vance at ashtangayogaberkeley at gmail dot com.

Also there will be a potluck and talk on the middle Saturday, we’ll let you know more as we know it.

I will be carpooling up Mon to Wed of both weeks, and the last Friday the 16th. Dave will teach for me that Friday the 16th. And if you want to carpool up the other days I can let you know who’s going those days.

Peter Sanson isn’t well known because he’s not on the commercial side of teaching. But he has lived in India and made practice with Guruji the focus of his life for about the last 25 years. Other than Sharath there isn’t really anyone who has spent the time Peter has with Guruji.

I have known Peter since 2000, and I find him to be a bright and positive light. He’s not a technical/western sort of teacher, but if you need a hit of shakti and energy and traditional practice, I highly recommend him. He’s very kind, and understands this practice and what its for in a way that few do.

If you have any other questions you can email Vance.



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