Update on Ken

Tuesday May 22: Turns out that Ken had a double hernia: the bigger one was a femoral hernia, and right next to it was a direct inguinal hernia. It is a good thing he didn’t go for laparoscopic surgery, because they would have had to do open surgery anyhow. The surgery started later than we expected, and lasted two hours and twenty minutes. Recovery room was another hour or so, then we still had to wait for successful urination. We returned home around 8 PM.

Ken is in much better spirits now that he is home, and has had some chai and dinner. He thanks everybody for the good wishes.

One thought on “Update on Ken

  1. bala

    Glad to hear that the surgery was a success and that Ken is home and feeling better. Alice and I send our best wishes to Ken for a complete recovery and an early return to the yoga mat. We were just talking about you since alice got an email about sunday events at bach dancing and dynamite in Half Moon Bay. Perhaps we can catch a concert sometime this summer.

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