Update from Mysore Part II

I have now been in Mysore 10 days and it feels like a month. There are some many new experiences every day that time goes by differently.

Mysore has been a center of learning for centuries, and there are numerous universities and learning centers scattered around the town. There are also wonderful teachers with decades of experience. Apart from asana practice in the morning at the shala, I go to chanting, philosophy and meditation classes – so spending many hours a day learning about the different aspects of yoga, each from a master teacher.

Philosophy teacher Narasimha with his napping niece

Yesterday we gathered outside Mysore Palace to do 27 Sun Salutations for Yoga Stops Traffic, a worldwide yoga event to raise awareness about human trafficking:

In front of Mysore Palace at Yoga Stops Traffic

Culinary adventures continue, with the added bonus that my landlord is a chef and has given me a list of restaurant to explore outside Gokulam, the suburb where all the yoga students hangout. He is also involved with the Sri Ramakrishna Vidyashala, a huge compound with coconut groves, student accommodations, and a “Harmony of Religions” museum. The place is so big it feels as if you’re in the countryside instead of the middle of town.

The Christian display at the museum

There are people from all over the world. The other day I met two guys at the coconut stand and asked where they were from – they said would give me a guess: “Pirates!”. It was Somalia but they lived in Qatar and were studying in Mysore. This morning I met a couple from a place I did not know existed – the Bonin (Ogasawara) Islands, 1000km south of Tokyo and part of Tokyo prefecture…

School bus-rickshaw

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  1. Viswesh Ananthakrishnan

    Hi Phillepe,

    I am experienceing Mysore vicariously through you! Good luck in your chanting and meditation classes .. would like to hear more via blogs or after you return in person.

    – Viswesh

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