Update from Karen Rivers from Goa


Yes, I am definitely not in Kansas anymore – but that’s okay because I’m not sure I would ever want to be in Kansas!

I had an incredibly long 40 hour flight that included lots and lots of layover time.  I was going for cheap rather than convenience.  Next time, I will definitely spend a few more dollars for shorter transit.  However, I was incredibly impressed with the Singapore Airport and was able to take a hot shower there for $8.  Mumbai airport was the opposite of Singapore.  Minimal accommodations with the exception of a not so nice bathroom.

My ride from Mumbai to Goa was a wild experience consisting of wild drivers, lots of scooters, and sadly lots of dogs.  I wasn’t prepared to see so many homeless pooches from the start of my trip in India.  I asked my driver to please not to hit any of the dogs running across the road.  Had he done so, I probably would have headed home.

My first night in Goa was not at Purple Valley.  I stayed at a place called Leoney’s Resort in Anjuna that is very close to Vagator beach  – not the prettiest beach but the water was warm.  At Leoney’s I met several people also going to Dena’s workshop and I have enjoyed hanging out with them.

Next stop…Purple Valley!  Very impressed with the staff who welcomed us warmly and continue to be very helpful if we need any kind of assistance – including taxi service, medical service (2 women I’m traveling with have gotten sick – ugh!), beach recommendations, etc.  Only one other person from the US and he’s from Oakland.  People are from England, Australia, Russia, Sweden, Denmark, etc.  Can’t believe the US tendency to dominate is not displayed here!

Then finally the workshop with Dena began which felt like an eternity since I’d been on a yoga mat.  Dena asked  everyone (50 people) to give our names, where we live, length of time practicing, and any physical or emotional issues related to yoga.  Her first class was lead primary and I could see Dena and her assistance taking lots of notes as they watched our practice.  Sorry Anne and Beata – I know I should not have been watching them!

I’ve had my 2nd mysore class and each day gets a little better.  I have been jet lagged and a bit out of sorts but Dena and Jack are helpful, gentle and giving me good support in doing backbends and Kapotasana.

There is so much to tell you and I will tell you more when I get back.  It has been interesting listening to others talk about their teachers, and the training their teachers have had.  I have to bite my tongue because I want to boast about my wonderful YIY teachers and let everyone know that they have all been to Mysore, they have all studied with Pathabi Jois, and Lino and Tim Miller, and Sharath!  And, I want to tell them that my wonderful teachers bring their wonderful teachers to YIY – like David Roche, Tim Miller, Lino Miele.  But it really shouldn’t matter – really!  But, it is a reminder that I (we) are lucky to have YIY and our teachers.

One more thing.  I could swear there is a framed picture of our Beata  hanging on a wall at Purple Valley.  She’s in Kapotasana so I cannot clearly see her face but I see a little bit of red hair, and it looks like she’s wearing hard tail clothes.  Wow…if that is Beata, should I let them know that MY teacher’s picture is being displayed on the walls of Purple Valley?  I won’t but it warms my heart every time  I walk pass by!

Think of you and my YIY comrades often and I still cannot believe I’m in India.  Will try to write again!


4 thoughts on “Update from Karen Rivers from Goa

  1. Bette Houtchens

    Glad you are having fun, and miss your smiling face here! I’ll have to ask that we post a photo of you on the wall, maybe near the blue picture. 😉 Bette

  2. beata

    Thank you Karen! It sounds like India.It feels like home. I have missed India so much and your post is bringing back sweet memories. I wish I was there. Have fun!

  3. mojdeh

    Hi Karen
    How are you? Have as much fun as possible. India has an amazing effect on people. I miss seeing you a lot.

  4. Fiona

    Hi Karen.
    Really nice to hear from you! I have been wondering how you have been so lovely to hear it all on this blog. Miss your friendly face at YIY. Stay well.

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