Update from Fiona in Mysore

Hi everyone,

I’ve been in Mysore 4 weeks now and have really settled into the pace of life here which is easygoing.

The number of students here has calmed down a little now. At the beginning of January they received more students then they’d ever had before, around 300 I believe. When I arrived here Guruji’s class was full so I’ve been studying in the main shala with Saraswathi, who is lovely. My brother got here a few days before me so our accommodation was all sorted by the time I arrived. It’s an upstairs apartment about a 7-minute walk to the shala. I met Marcus my first week here and he is off travelling now. Beata, Lizzie and Youngblood are here also. Some of the yogis are staying here till mid-March when the shala will close until May 3rd.

I’ve been trying the various bodywork on offer here, foot massage, Thai massage, Rolfing and even a couple of trips to the chiropractor. We did an anatomy class with Ken the Rolfer during our first couple of weeks, which was a nice change.

Mysore is a good place to catch up on some reading and the time here goes by quickly. We had a really lovely lunch today at a place called India Song House and have been enjoying the food here a lot.

I hope everyone at YIY is well and you can tell Adarsh I tried the Adarshshake in his honour at Shakti house this morning 

Looking forward to seeing you all in March.



2 thoughts on “Update from Fiona in Mysore

  1. adarsh

    Hi Fiona!

    We were wondering how you were getting along. I’m so happy to hear that you have eased into the Mysore way of life. Please keep the updates coming!!!

    Happy Travels

  2. wiseorchid

    it’s wonderful to hear from you! and to see a pic of the ironer (such a specific detail; makes me nostalgic) and hear you’ve crossed paths w/beata, lizzie, youngblood, and marcus. enjoy!

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