Update for this week 11/24/10

Hi folks,

As we have announced in class there will be mysore class Thursday and Friday, but we will move the start time to 730 am. You can come early if you have a key. I know I will be there early Thursday but don’t know yet about Friday.

Also we have decided to reinstate the Friday morning led class with one important adjustment. From 630 to 700 I will adjust folk who need to practice early and go. From 7 to 845 there will be led class. If you need some extra time to finish an early practice the room is yours to share as well. We will start this AFTER Tim’s workshop, so it will start Friday, Dec. 10th. Take care and see you on the mat.

Last, to share an interesting blog…..See especially the Mysore FAQ. Written by a student of Tim/teacher in Portland OR and a friend to Beata and myself.



2 thoughts on “Update for this week 11/24/10

  1. Anne Finstad

    Hi Anne,

    So the thing that has held us back from doing this for the recent while is people saying 630 was too early. Long ago there actually was a led class at 630… Anyways I am open to how people feel going forward and we will continue to seek the happy medium. But for now this is where we are going to start. My hope was that people that needed to go early at least would have a few adjustments before going on their way.



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