Traveling Yogis – Stockholm

Posted by Ken and Elaine.

May 22, 2006. This morning found us at Ashtanga Yoga Shala in Stockholm. The shala opened at 6, we got there around 6:20, the teacher started adjustments at 7. We enjoyed the opening chant and found it had a slightly different intonation. Today’s teacher, Maria Boox, is authorized. Her adjustments (and those of her assistant) were strong and good. They both know what they are doing. Ken got an excellent adjustment in Kurmasana, getting his legs higher on his arms than ever before, and I got an excellent adjustment in Baddha Konasana B, which stretched my neck down while lengthening my body. In drop backs, Maria suggested that I keep my hands together until I see the floor, to get a different opening in my upper back.

The shala is fairly small, there were about 24 people practicing in a narrow room, face-to-face. Pine Pergo-like floors, lots of light. Finishing postures done in place, no moving to another area. People there ranged from beginners to second or third series practitioners. Alex Medin’s calendar was hanging on the wall in the reception area. Then a woman walked in who looked very familiar. I thought, “Funny how all the ashtangi’s look alike.” After we were done practicing, she came and re-introduced herself to us: Margarete had been studying under Alex and assisting him when we were in Hong Kong six months ago. This is her home studio.

We will practice again tomorrow, then we leave for Rome.

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