Traveling Yogis: Geneva, September 2005

Ken and I went to the Mysore class Saturday morning at Studio de yoga au centre de Genève. Gwendal, the teacher, remembered Philippe, who had attended classes there in July (see Philippe’s blog entry) . Again, the studio was composed of several smaller rooms. There were seven people. Gwendal did not lead the chant. I liked his adjustments, although they were more forceful than I am used to. I particularly liked the way he handled standing backbends (for those of us who do not yet do solo drop-backs). Instead of three times, we went back first five times with palms together but over the head, to the point where my thumbs touched the floor. Then five times with arms crossed. Then once where I stayed for five slow counts, and he adjusted my back and shoulders. It felt very good. But my shoulders got sore a few days later!

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