Traveling Yogis: Barcelona, September 2005

Ken and I found two studios in Barcelona that have Mysore classes. At our first opportunity we went to Yoga Studio Barcelona, but no one showed up for class. We were so disappointed. But it was the end of summer holidays and we didn’t call first.

Two days later, we went to Yoga Space Barcelona . The teacher, Diana, a Scottish woman, has converted several rooms of her flat in a delightful old building into her yoga studio. Stone floors, so everyone uses double mats. Small rooms: the mats all butted up against a wall: difficult for chakrasana unless you move well forward first. Diana’s adjustments were good and strong, and she gave lots of individual attention. There were five students total. The rooms probably could hold a total of seven or eight students.


We also noticed some ads on bulletin boards for private Ashtanga lessons. We didn’t call the number, although the ad was in English.

It’s a small Yogi world: At the Picasso Museum in Barcelona, we ran into Anna Tsumelzon who practices with us at YIY.

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