Touched by India talk at East West Jan 22 7:30pm

Last night we went to see Philip Goldberg give a wonderful talk about his new book American Veda.

He will be speaking at East West tomorrow, and this is not to be missed!

Saturday, January 22
Touched by India
7:30pm • Free, but call to reserve a seat
For over 200 years, India’s spiritual heritage has been transforming the way we relate to religion and practice spirituality. In his latest book, American Veda, prolific author and speaker Philip Goldberg traces those powerful and surprising threads of influence, from the leading gurus and yoga masters who came from India to the Western artists, scholars, and scientists who integrated Vedantic and Yogic teachings into our culture. This deep drink from the eternal well of Indian wisdom will give you a new perspective on your spiritual life and our collective evolution. You will come away knowing you’ve been touched by India more than you thought.
To Reserve Tickets, Please Call 650-988-9800

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