To Portland to See Anne

I will be going to Portland next weekend (11/10 – 12) to visit my daughter but will also be seeing Anne Finstead.  She says that she is still teaching a full schedule though I assume she will be cutting back soon.  Baby girl is due in January.  I will be taking her a few little things to welcome the baby and would be happy to deliver any messages or other goodies anyone may want to send along with me.  I plan to be at morning mysore Tuesday and Thursday mornings if you want to leave anything for her.  I won’t be there Friday.  In any event will bring her all your love and good wishes.  Sherry.

2 thoughts on “To Portland to See Anne

  1. Anne

    Note: If any of you want to treck to Portland in January for the baby shower, know I don’t expect it, but I am happy to invite you. Just email me at annefinstad at, and I will see that they get you an invitation. Much love is there, Anne

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