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Hi folks,
So there is a lot coming up over the year, and I thought the moon day a good opportunity to talk about what’s coming….

First David Garrigues will be here next weekend, you all know that, and I’m pretty sure you all know that today is the last day of pre registration. Things are filling nicely but if you haven’t signed up you can still sign up for a slight discount today the 15th of June.

That Saturday the 25th we had planned a potluck dinner for David’s workshop, and while I can host if there is anyone else who would like to host instead please feel free to say so now. I will announce again next week officially where the potluck will be.

Also starting the 17th of July Kirsten and Mitchell will be teaching the morning mysore classes for two weeks. Many of you have had Rolfing sessions with Mitchell on one of their previous visits, he has just finished an advanced level training and will be happy to book with any of you that are ready for more rolfing… You can email him on “S. Mitchell Gold” <smitchellgold at> if you would like to book with him now.

Also they will be staying with Ken and Elaine for the second week of their visit, and while we can keep them the first week, if there is anyone else who would be able to host them the first week, approx july 16th to 23rd, it is a great chance to meet some lovely yogis and spend some time with them. And earn excellent yoga karma points.

And last but not so so faraway is David Roche will be back at YIY October 16th to Nov 13th for a monthlong workshop. Most of you know him and how he gets up at 130 (yes am) in the morning to start his practices. For that reason he is in need of a host in a single occupant sort of place, because he would much prefer to not disturb anyone in his waking in the early early morning hours. Ken and Elaine also have stated that they are happy to host anyone who would be willing to give their space to the cause for a month in the interest of David’s visit. Let me know if you think about it and decide you can help out.

Thank you for your dedication and commitment to this practice. While I know we all benefit from the yoga, I also see that your dedication to the practice and to the group help make this the wonderful community that it is.
All the best and see you all soon on the mat,


One thought on “Things going on

  1. sabina

    to be totally precise, David Roche will be here Sunday, October 16 – Sunday, November 13.

    thanks Anne for all the info :).

    yes, we need some hosting help….please

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