Theatre Recommendation from Elaine

Theatre Recommendation
“Six Years”, at Dragon Theatre in Palo Alto, through November 30.
Here is the review I posted on Artsopolis

Six Years chronicles the story of Meredith and Phil Granger from 1949 to 1973. The title: each scene is six years later. The play opens in 1949, as Phil Granger, a soldier with PTSD, returns home after 3 years of being out of contact with his wife. He doesn’t understand PTSD, nor does his wife or the society they live in. The play follows their journey through middle America culture, as they try to make sense of their lives and his affliction. The drama is extremely well acted by Meredith Hagedorn (Meredith Granger) and Steve Voldseth (Phil Granger) plus a reasonably strong supporting cast. Voldseth is remarkable as he works on the issues of his PTSD. The depth of the character development, both from Hagedorn and Volseth, is beautiful, and real. An excellent production, so emotional it made us cry. 24 hours after seeing the play, we are still discussing and chewing on the issues. This gem is well worth seeing.

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