The wellbeing of chai

I know we are all attached to our chai in the mornings. And I want to applaud those who have lately become part of the chai crew.

The only issue that stands before us is cleanup. A few times we’ve left chai drops and bits of sugar on the counter, and this doesn’t do for a yoga studio. I guess it’s not very fun to clean up chai if you haven’t gotten to have any.

I also know part of it is often the person who’s brought chai can’t stay to pick up pots, (myself included) so it’s sometimes hard for the chai maker to actually take responsibility.

So what I think I would ask is just this. If you like chai, please help out in that if you see that there’s chai or sugar on the counter, please if you have a moment grab a napkin from the back and water from the fountain and wipe up. Otherwise we might possibly face chai endangerment, which just wouldn’t do.

I think if we all put in our moment there will be no problems, and we can continue our yoga and chai practice in bliss.

Over and out,


2 thoughts on “The wellbeing of chai

  1. Mike

    Since chai tea seems to be a part of the morning mysore practice, why
    don’t we create a “chai station”?

    The station could be a small cabinet or bookshelf near the door (where
    the coatrack now stands.) In it we would store paper cups, napkins,
    sugar, etc. Morning chai would be served from the top of the station.
    We could take turns refilling the station when supplies get low.

    Not only would this help organize our chai materials at the studio, but
    it would be more efficient than having each chai brewer bring in cups
    and other supplies on his/her chai day.


    If we decide to do this (and get permission!) I’d be happy to pick up
    the cabinet or bookshelf.


  2. Anne

    Hey all,

    I spoke with Sabina, and they are happy to even pay for the cabinet. She requests that we get something tall and narrow that would fit approximately where the trash next to the water cooler is now. And she requests that we put it in after the floors are replaced over the next few days, which is pretty easy at this point.

    So Mike, let me know if you are still up for picking out a cabinet, otherwise perhaps Sabina can do it.


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