The Subtle aspects of Hatha (Ashtanga) yoga

The ashtanga yoga system belongs to the hatha yoga tradition. The word “Hatha” (pronounced Ha-ta) literally means force. Those who have done the primary series of Ashtanga yoga will know that there is nothing “Yin” about this relentless sequence of demanding poses. Though there may seem no resemblance to Patanjali’s sthira -sukham, i.e. steady comfort, there is a reason for doing hatha yoga.

I am planning to hold a workshop on “The Subtle aspects of Hatha (Ashtanga) yoga”.

Venue: In person in a studio + online

Duration: 1hr and 45 minutes

Cost: FreeDate: TBD (Saturday or Sunday) in the next 3 weeks.

Format: 50 minutes of theory and 50 minutes of asana practice.

If you are interested please sign up here:

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