The practical side of the Siddhis

Many of the Siddhis may sound lofty and beyond reach for most of us, but there are a lot of practical benefits even if these powers have not been perfected. In the first presentation of the Siddhis we discussed Praathibha or divine intuition. Intuition is one of the greatest gifts various limbs of yoga gives us. Our body is the best lie detector, not our brain. There are other siddhis that Patanjali talks about which even in their unperfected state have a lot of benefit, like harnessing the Pranic energies, Udhana and Samana. Have you ever noticed, how the body feels light on certain days during asana practice and heavy like iron on other days ? Have you felt the fire burning deep in your gut and the effect it has on your clarity of thinking and the motivation to get things done ? These come from Udhana and Samana respectively.

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