The beauteous mobile

Hi from Portland,

Just wanted to say hi to everyone, I hear Adarsh is in town these few days to check out YIY….Philippe says you were all out in full force this morning.

Sherry Cassedy was here Sunday, the deliver of the beautiful mobile. I have hung it up in our living room where I can think of you all often. As Philippe said, there were many wonderful and tastefully selected photos, the better to think of you all by. Thanks to Wendy and everyone who contributed.

Life in Portland: On Sunday we washed some sleeping bags, thought that it would be great to hang them out on the line. Then we went for our hike. It rained buckets, all the way out, (but not during our hike) and all the way back home. Luckily they weren’t expensive sleeping bags. Welcome to Portland. Actually the weather has been pretty good, and we are definately checking out all the hiking trails in the vincity.

Will be down as most of you know June 16th to 20th, to visit with you all and David Roche. Looking forward to seeing you all then, less one of you wants to come to Portland to say hi sooner.



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