The Beautiful Ruth Who Flew & Drew ~ Pix :)

Hi all,

Here are pix from the big night out last night. The very first one is of the YiY crew singing happy birthday to Philippe via cell phone at Laurel’s. 🙂 Happy Birthday, Philippe! The rest is Ruth, Drew, & co’s performance.

I’ve left in most every image that halfway turned out ~ even if blurry, grainy, or out of focus ~ in case it happened to pick up a moment you liked. You should be able to do “save as” on any image you want. If you’d like a whole lot of ’em, lemme know and I can burn them to CD or email them to you. Apologies in advance for the pix not evenly representing everyone who was there.


Appreciative audience

2 thoughts on “The Beautiful Ruth Who Flew & Drew ~ Pix :)

  1. Dipita

    Hi Antonia,
    Thanks for the pictures – they are beautiful – I love the lighting – did you do something special to these or does your camera have a unique lighting to it? Anyway, they are great!

  2. Paul

    A lot of superb shots, Antonia. Vibrant and colorful and full of the moment. Who are all those beautiful people?

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