Thank you

Firstly to the Mysore community and their families for turning out in such numbers to support Drew and me at Dana St. last night……

To sing in public, with a band, has been on my to-do list for the past goodness knows how long. Yet I didn’t really know that I wanted to sing until someone asked me 16 months ago, before I came to California, and probably in a drunken stupor “what do you want to have done, this time next year??….”

Well, last night I lay to rest some very personal ghosts. I would like to say to every one of you that was there last night, looking out and seeing a myriad of encouraging, loving faces, filled my heart and is one that I will recall when my time is through…

Secondly, to Drew, who showed me the way to fulfil one of my goals. Surely someone who does that, shouldn’t have had to put up with the amount of **** that has come his way the last few weeks/ months? (Drew… delete as appropriate :-))

He cajoled, advised, gave his time freely, held my hand, walked me to my edge, and helped me fly.

Thank you

Much love


3 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. Dipita

    Hi Ruth and Drew:
    We (Jay, Nina and I) really enjoyed ourselves as well so thank you. Drew, your band is great – we enjoyed it and Ruth, you have a beautiful voice! Looking forward to more performances in the future.


  2. Drew

    Ruth, thanks for the kind words. (I’m still wondering what **** is… nothing too bad I assure you.) The pleasure was mine in hearing your performance.

    Thanks to everyone for coming out and supporting us.

    More performances are in the planning!

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