Thank you from Elaine

Thank you everyone, for coming to my 60th birthday party. Yes, I really was surprised.


Thank you to everyone for keeping this a secret, for your comments on e-vite, and for being there.

It was amazing to come through the curtain into the studio, and see, literally, 100 of my closest friends! I am overwhelmed with your love.

This party feels like adefining moment for me: Days later, I feel all the warmth and happiness that I felt at my party. I know that now, any time I don’t feel good about myself, I will just remember this party, and everyone’s smiling faces, and any bad mood will evaporate, just like that.

As soon as we get the proofs from the photographer, I will post a link for you.

Several people asked: What did Ken say to get you to YIY? Here’s the whole story:

Ken had told me at least six months ago that he was doing all the planning for my 60th, and I was not going to be in charge. So, after fighting it briefly, I relaxed and didn’t ask. On the morning of my birthday, I was a little surprised that Ken hadn’t told anyone in class that it was my birthday, as no one wished me a happy birthday. I had hoped for at least a round of “Happy Birthday.” When we got home from yoga, he said our next appointment was at 10, and I should dress for the spa. At 10, he dropped me off at a wonderful day spa in Menlo Park (Thermae), and said he would be back at 4 PM. Ken had scheduled me for a facial, a massage, lunch, a salt scrub, and a manicure and pedicure. Back home, Ken had already laid out the clothes I was to wear, and he told me to be ready to leave at 6. I had time for a little rest (I was so mellow already…), then I got dressed. We changed the shoes on the outfit, and I asked him whether I should wear nylons. He said absolutely not. I thought we might be going to the beach, but about 15 minutes later, I thought, “or YIY.” But I didn’t know why we would be going to the yoga studio. Yes, I had seen that the Friday evening class was cancelled (Thank you Mojdeh for giving up your class), but I didn’t put it together. At 6, a Town Car pulled up at the house, and we got in. We drove around Shoreline Park for a while, then into Mountain View. As we turned onto Church from Castro, I knew we were going to YIY. I could see a few bodies in the studio as we drove into the parking lot, so I knew then that there was a party. But I had no idea that all our children had come into town, or that so many people would be there. So, you see, he told me nothing, and I was truly surprised.

Thank you to everyone. I feel very blessed.



2 thoughts on “Thank you from Elaine

  1. Laurel & Paul

    We couldn’t keep the secret, so we had to leave town!
    All kidding aside, you two are truly beautiful and Elaine, the happiest wishes for your health and contentment are what we send along to you.
    Please tell us all about it when we get back…
    Love to all

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