Thank you all

Dear Morning Mysore community. Matt and I want to thank you for your welcoming and healing presence over these past few weeks. It has been a mental and physical release to practice with all of you. We are moving into a new phase of reality as things quiet down. We continue to welcome your thoughts and prayers and community in practice. We are also ready for the occassional hug as the time is right. I also wanted to share that Matt used teh invocation of Atha yoga anushasanam to set the intention for Timmy’s Celebration of Life on May 1, loosely translated as “It has taken us our entire lives to arrive at this moment. That all we have is this moment and that love is eerything.” It feels so true at this time. With deep gratitude for this practice and this community. Namaste, Sherry and Matt.

One thought on “Thank you all

  1. antonia

    thank you, Sherry & Matt, for the update. and reading your translation of the invocation this morning was so perfectly timed. love to y’all & namaste.

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