Teaching Schedule – Adjustments

First of all thanks and well done to everyone for turning out in such numbers this month. We are thrilled to see you all on your mats and practicing.

For the time being we ARE adjusting the schedule in that Dave, Mojdeh, and Philippe will be helping out during the second hour during the week as numbers warrant their presence on the floor. Philippe will come in Mondays, Dave Hamilton Tuesdays and Thursdays, and Mojdeh on Wednesdays. Dave Hamilton will continue to help out on Sundays, excepting this Sunday as he is out of town. Thanks to them for being willing to help out.

I also want to take a moment to highlight something obvious to many of you who have been coming to YiY for a while. When more people are there the practice can change. In Mysore there are often up to 300 folks and only recently did they begin to have teachers assist Sharath and Saraswati. I have been in Mysore during these times, and I found I still managed to have breakthroughs in my practice. In fact when there isn’t someone to meet you at every turn sometimes things can occur that will happen in no other way.

Obviously from the first part of my post we are not looking to deprive anyone of receiving the adjustments they benefit from. And as teachers we are here to help.

But I would invite people to welcome the process, and especially if you are new, observe and see what happens when sometimes you don’t get adjusted.

Ideally this is not just a body practice, one that opens the body, but also one that opens the mind and gives us opportunity to witness the mind in motion. One that allows us to actually step back and let go of the thoughts, whether they are about what we could do, or couldn’t do today. Not to stop the thoughts, but to see where the mind will continue to do its thing, and to see that is not the real source of who we are.

Regards, and let me know if you have any questions.


One thought on “Teaching Schedule – Adjustments

  1. Beata

    Dear Anne, Mojdeh, Philippe and Dave,
    Thank you for creating such a wonderful team of teachers. YiY is lucky to have you all. Sorry I can’t help you at this moment but I am hoping to be back soon.
    love to all of you

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